We hope that you have found our app easy to use. If you have any queries or feedback please email us at info@deliverusdrivers.com or use our Feedback Form.

Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Please scroll down for Help for Businesses.

Help Guide for Drivers

Q.  My nearest town/city is not listed. Do you have any jobs in my area?

Our app currently covers Wales but we will be rolling it out across the UK as fast as possible.  We are launching UK marketing campaign as soon as our app goes live to attract new businesses across the country.  Our plan is to cover the UK within a very short space of time.  In the meantime please email us at info@deliverusdrivers.co.uk and we notify you as soon as we have jobs in your area.

Q.  I didn’t receive the verification code when I registered so I couldn’t login.

Please try again and check that your mobile number is entered correctly.  If you are still having problems please email us with your contact details at info@deliverusdrivers.com and we will set up an account for you.

Q.  I have registered but I am not receiving notifications on my phone. 

Please try these steps:

1. Go to the Job Preferences screen and make sure that your chosen town/city has been saved correctly.

2.  Log out and log back in again.

3.  Check your app permissions allow notifications.  Most phones show notifications under Settings > Apps and scroll down to Deliver Us Drivers.

If you still have problems then please complete our App Feedback form

Q. How do I hear about new jobs?

Please be sure to allow app notifications and do not log out of our app.   You can also check your Alert settings under the Alert tab at the bottom of the app screen.  We also recommend receiving alerts via email.  If you select email alerts and do not receive any then please check your junk/spam folder.   You can also use the search feature on the app to check for jobs regularly.

Q.  Do I need experience to apply for jobs?

The businesses which use our app have different requirements.  Please check their job descriptions carefully.  Some provide full training and do not require any experience.  Please be aware that the businesses will have their own vetting system and they will check your credentials.  They will also to ask to see your driving licence.

Q. How do I apply for delivery jobs?

Download our app, set up your profile and then search for local delivery jobs.  If you see a job you like press ‘Apply’.  Your details will be sent to the advertiser who will contact you directly if they are interested.  It’s quick and easy!

Help Guide for Businesses

Q.  How much does it cost to add a job?

The app is completely free to use for 2 months.  After the trial period ends you will have the option to continue to use the service for only £14.99 per month.  You can cancel at any time.  You can also pay for 12 months in advance for only £149.99 (get 2 months free).

Q.  Do you check the drivers to make sure that they are genuine and have driving licences?

No.  It is important to make it clear that we do not check the drivers in any way whatsoever.  This explained further in our Terms & Conditions which you agree to when you sign up to use the app.  Deliver Us Drivers is a job platform which allows businesses to advertise delivery jobs and to receive applications.  It is the sole responsibility of the businesses to vet the candidates and to carry out due diligence before employing them or using their services.  Deliver Us Drivers is not responsible in any way for any issues, losses or problems arising from the use of this app.

Q. How do I receive applicants’ details?

You can choose to receive alerts via app notifications or emails.  We recommend both in case you miss an alert.   You can also login and click on Job Listings.  The applicants’ details will be shown.

Q.  I am using an Apple device and I wish to cancel my subscription.

Please visit this link for Apple’s latest instructions for cancelling subscriptions.

Q. I haven’t received any alerts to say people are applying for my job.

Please be sure that your phone allows app notifications and do not log out of our app.   You can also check your Alert settings under the Alert tab at the bottom of the app screen.  You can also choose to receive alerts via email.  If you select email alerts and do not receive any then please check your junk/spam folder.  We recommend using app alerts for this reason.

Q.  I want to try your app for free but Apple iTunes is asking for payment immediately.

We offer a free 2 month trial to all businesses.  To comply with Apple’s strict App rules we are required to request your payment details as soon as you register.  But if you read the details carefully on your phone it will explain that no payment is taken for 2 months.  You can cancel at any time.

Q.  I am trying to register as a business using my iPhone but it won’t let me enter my payment details.

If you have not already linked a payment method to your iTunes account then please do so.  You can add or edit payment details in this way:-

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name, then tap iTunes & App Store.*
  • Tap your Apple ID (which is usually your email address), then tap View Apple ID. You may be asked to sign in.
  • Tap Manage Payments.   Add a payment method.

Then return to our App to register.

If you have a question or issue which isn’t covered by the FAQs then please drop us an email at info@deliverusdrivers.co.uk