Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers for drivers.  If you have a query which is not addressed below please contact us on

If you are a business owner/manager please click here to read the FAQs for Businesses.

Q.  How much does it cost to use Deliver Us Drivers?

It is completely FREE for drivers.

Q. When will the app be available?

We plan to launch the app in the Swansea area in early 2020 and then we will quickly roll it out across the UK

Q. How do I register?

Please are welcome to register with us and we will let you know when the service is available in your area

Q.  What criteria do you use to accept drivers?

Our service is aimed at delivery drivers who are looking for local work.  We do not vet or check the drivers.  It is the responsibility of the businesses to check your credentials.

Q.  Which regions do you cover?

When we launch in early 2020 we will initially cover Swansea in South Wales.  But we plan to quickly roll-out to Cardiff, Bristol and other regions throughout 2020.